Supervision Of Rent

Supervision Of Rent

What is supervision?

       Supervision is a very misunderstood term.  Many believe that this only applies to people overseeing entry-level productivity and development.

       Supervision are often responsible for the progress and productivity of their direct reports throughout the organization. Often, oversight includes basic management skills (decision making, problem resolution, planning, delegation and management of meetings), organizing teams, identifying requirements, and creating new job roles. Hire new employees in the group, train new employees, manage staff performance (set goals, monitor and provide feedback, resolve performance issues, lay off employees, etc.) and HR policies and ensure compliance with other internal regulations. Supervisor often have a solid understanding of their group activities.

       Here are the main role of a supervisor:

    Establishes a link between employees and management:

       A supervisor is a person who is devoted to supervision. She supervises the work of subordinates. It is the link between workers and management.  He ensures that plans and procedures are implemented according to plan.

      Direct contact with employees:

       The supervisor maintains direct contact with employees.  He serves as a friend, philosopher and leader of activists.

     Avoiding conflicts and misunderstandings:

       It broadcasts all instructions, plans and ideas from the management to the employees as well as suggestions, complaints etc. to the management staff.  Therefore, their presence in an organization helps to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings between employees and management.

      Unity among workers:

       He is instrumental in integrating the activities of various workers under him, solving their problems with each other as much as possible.

      Motivate the workers:

       He is responsible for carrying out an order. Therefore, it motivates its employees to work effectively to complete it.

      Worker training:

       A trained and experienced supervisor ensures that your employees are trained at work and make an effective team of employees.

      Leadership skills:

       Supervision with good leadership skills plays an important role in influencing workers and boosting their morale.

       Analysis of work done:

       A good manager always analyzes the work of his subordinates and gives them suggestions on how to further improve their professional skills and performance.

Importance Of Supervision:–

Ensures issuance of instructions:

       The supervisor ensures that all instructions are communicated to each employee.  The upper and middle levels plan all instructions, but instructions are given only by supervisory level management.

Lets Control:

       Control means the correspondence between actual and planned production.  Whenever the workers are under constant supervision or supervision, a step-by-step review is done, and if they deviate from the plan, the supervisor gives immediate instructions. Through this continuous supervision, monitoring work ensures strict control over the activities of subordinates.

Optimizing The Use Of Resources:

      When workers are constantly monitored or inspected, they are making the best use of resources, resulting in minimal waste.  However, if workers are not supervised or controlled, this can lead to waste of resources.


       Strict supervision and guidance of the supervisor encourages employees and workers to be more disciplined in their activities. Under the supervision of the supervisor, the staff follows a fixed or strict schedule and executes the plans in the right direction.

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