How to take a picture on a smartphone

How to take a picture on a smartphone

Nowadays everyone’s cell phone has a camera. Smartphone cameras may not compete with DSLRs for high quality photography, but they keep getting better and for many people are the only cameras that use them.

       To take a photo from a smartphone, do the following: –

  • Start the camera app.
  • Make sure the camera mode is set to Single Photo.
  • The camera app captures both still images and videos. To take a photo, you have to select the single shot mode. The single shot icon is shown in the illustration. If another icon was shown there, then tap on that icon and select Single Shot as the camera mode.
  • Point the camera at the subject.
  • Tap the trigger icon.
  • The phone makes noise when taking a photo.
  • Once the picture is taken, it will appear as a thumbnail on the screen. Tap this thumbnail to review the image. You can also view photos taken from your phone using the Gallery app.

       Here are some tips to get a good picture of your smartphone: –

Take Many Shots

One of the best things about smartphone photography is that you can take as many pictures as you want and you don’t have to print them to see the results. This makes it very easy to learn and improve your results.  Burst photos work well when you use your smartphone to take photos, as it allows you to take multiple photos as your subject moves.  Once you have taken a bunch of photos, it is time to choose the best shots.

 Find Out Abilities Of Your Camera

 First, take time to find out what your phone’s camera is capable of. Check the auto mode and see how you focus and expose yourself.  This is usually done by tapping the screen on which you want to place the focus point, but it is good to double-check it.

 Stay outside and get as much natural light as possible.

 Some smartphones can take breathtaking indoor photos thanks to their small sensors.  Therefore, for best results it is best to take pictures outside in the right lighting conditions.  Light determines not only the brightness and darkness, but also the mood, tone, and atmosphere of the photograph. So try to use natural light while taking photos from smartphone.

  Avoid Digital Zoom

  Digital zoom almost always gives poor results because it reduces the resolution of the image.  Avoiding this is one of the basic photography tips for taking better photos. However, optical zooms are fine, as they do not affect the quality of photos and are becoming increasingly common on smartphones. If you only have digital zoom instead of using it, just zoom in to maintain picture quality.


 HDR mode stands for High Dynamic Range and is becoming more and more common on many smartphones. Add details in dark and light areas for a more balanced display. In other words, it prevents the sky from getting too bright or the ground being too dark, and it is actually suitable for landscape photography.  If there is a big difference between the lightest and the darkest part of your scene, then using the camera phone’s HDR feature is a great option.

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