Development of technology

Development of technology

Technological change (TC) or technological development is the overall process of the invention, innovation, and dissemination of technology or processes. In short, technological change involves the invention of technologies (including processes) and their commercialization or research and development (production of new technologies), continuous improvement of technologies (which are often less expensive) and open source through distribution. Technologies in industry or society (sometimes associated with disruption and convergence).

       Here are some examples of technological development:

       Machine learning will shape artificial intelligence

       In 2019, machine learning and artificial intelligence will be used on business platforms to create and empower smart business processes.  In Artificial Intelligence, China will overtake the United States and become an innovator in the development and applications of AI.  Advances in machine learning innovation and algorithmic training will lead to new and more developed AI.  Autonomous vehicles and robotic technology are the two companies that will see the fastest improvement in 2019.

       Internet Development

       The desire for an ever-faster Internet connection is a real driver of innovation.  Companies and private customers are increasingly demanding response times, and the industry is responding.

       With incredibly fast internet speeds practically at our doorstep, it should be transformational for parts of our lives.  When this is achieved, employee productivity will increase and companies that rely on remote workers will be provided reliable means of communication.  Here, 5G will probably change the world the same way our “normal” Internet did a few years ago.

       Quantum Computing

       Quantum computing, an innovation that is growing, is one of the most fascinating things that analysts, companies and governments have worked on this century. The race for the first fully functional and useful quantum computer (also known as a supercomputer) continues.

       Given their incredible computing power, it is very likely that quantum PCs will soon become more cloud services than local machines. IBM now provides cloud-based quantum computing services.  Supercomputer’s ability to improve will increase in 2019. As a result, the final mile of the race is largely completed for obvious reasons.


       New advances in genetic testing will effectively detect and monitor the spread of these microorganisms and understand the impact on human welfare worldwide.  Microorganisms, including bacteria, can enter the food chain in farms, production lines and markets at any time, increasing the amount of food and at the same time posing a threat to well-being.

       When you see them moving around and interacting with the natural food chain, you will further reduce food wastage and reduce the human cost of pollution-related diseases.

       Smart Home

       More and more of our lives are being integrated into intelligent technologies. Our homes are not exempt. The demand for better and brighter equipment and home entertainment systems is changing the way we interact.  Good or bad, today it is just a matter of seeing something big.

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