Boxing is a combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves, throw boxes at each other for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring.

  Amateur boxing is both an Olympic and Commonwealth sports sport and is a standard fixture in most international sports – it also has its own world championship.  Boxing is called a goal by a referee at intervals of one to three minutes.

  A winner may be resolved before the completion of the round when a referee is unable to continue an opponent, an opponent’s disqualification, or an opponent’s resignation.  When the fight reaches the end of its final round, with both opponents still standing, the judges’ scorecards determine the winner.  In the event that both fighters receive the same score from the judges, professional bouts are considered a draw.  In Olympic boxing, because a winner must be declared, judges award the contest to a fighter on technical criteria.

  Benefits Of The Boxing Sports:–

  Boxing Helps To Make Your Hand Eyes Coordination

  You may not think of the importance of hand-eye coordination and its effect on total health, but hand-eye coordination plays an important role in a person’s gross and fine motor skills.  Individuals with good hand-eye coordination have faster reflexes and reaction times, and overall better physical coordination.  This is particularly important during aging, as coordination and balance are compromised, increasing the risk of falls.

  Boxing can help with hand-eye coordination.  When you need a speed bag (a lightweight boxing bag suspended from a disc, which turns and bounces quickly with each punch), or you are prepared to spar with a partner (practice your  Hitting the partner’s padded punch), you should be able to see the target, react to the target, and hit the target while the target is moving and changing position.  This is difficult, but with practice, your hand-eye coordination improves significantly.

 Boxing Helps In Stress Reduction

  Stress can be reduced in almost any form of moderate to intense physical activity.  According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise enhances endorphins, enhances mood, acts as meditation, and improves sleep, all of which help reduce stress.

  Boxing is a great outlet for stress for two reasons: First, during a boxing workout you usually transition between high intensity bouts of exercise and moderate intensity recovery periods.  When you push yourself during a few minutes of high-intensity punching or kicking, you don’t have the mental strength left to worry about how terrible your job is, or how dirty your house is.  And even during the rest of the period, you will focus on sucking air and mentally preparing for the next round, while not emphasizing your pack schedule.

  Boxing Helps In Better Body Structure

  Boxing is great for improving body composition – and some might call it great for weight loss.  Finally, if you want to lose weight, what you really want to do is improve your body composition – to increase your muscles and reduce your fat mass.

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